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Cycling Our Way to a Stronger Community

Ride For Freedom California Cycling Tour

Taking a Stand against Human Trafficking in Soccer, One Mile at a Time

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Partnering with Ride For Freedom allows your organization to demonstrate its commitment to social responsibility, align with a global cause, and promote positive change. Your involvement as an ally will contribute to our Freewheel remediation program and empower survivors to rebuild their lives.

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Ride For Freedom

As Ride For Freedom charges forward on our relentless mission to Show A Red Card to Human Trafficking in soccer, Gordon Miller, our founder, is taking on a challenging solo, bike-packing journey. With a purpose to grow our Ride For Freedom community, this 10-19 October Gordon cycles 10 days, 1,100km ride from San Francisco down to San Diego, passing through the vibrant city of Los Angeles.

Gordon’s route will lead him through the heart of California’s soccer scene, where he’ll connect with powerhouse organisations like

Ride for Freedom California Tour

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Gordon’s route will guide him through California, where he’ll engage with powerhouse women’s soccer franchises like Angel City and San Diego Wave, as well as forge connections with non-profit organizations such as the South Bay Coalition to End Human Trafficking and the Bay Area Human Trafficking Coalition. Our mission is to strengthen the resounding voice of the anti-slavery movement through collaboration with prominent anti-human trafficking non-profit coalitions.

Together, we have the opportunity to establish impactful partnerships that will raise awareness about this critical issue. Our collective efforts will lead to exciting collaborations focused on delivering the transformative Freewheel Program, and providing support to survivors.

Get involved

If you or your organization wants to get involved then contact us to find out how. Donating to the Ride For Freedom California Tour is not just a charitable act; it’s a powerful investment in creating a world free from the shackles of human trafficking in soccer.

    A world where no child, woman, or man ever exists in modern slavery

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