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Ride For Freedom

Cycle Revolution 2024

14th – 20th October

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The Ride For Freedom team invites you to be a part of our Cycle Revolution fundraising event during Anti-Slavery Week. This is your chance to make a difference in the world while doing something you love – riding your bike! Whether you pedal through city streets, country roads, or scenic trails, your participation counts.


Anti-Slavery week, 14th – 20th October 2024


Anywhere, Any Way You choose!

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Unleash your team spirit and individual talent in our unlimited array of places to showcase your skills! Whether you’re part of a dynamic team or a shining individual, there’s no limit to how many of you can join in the excitement. Seize the opportunity to be the driving force of change by signing up NOW!

Why join the Cycle Revolution?

Engaging in our Anti-slavery Week fundraising event showcases your organisation’s commitment to addressing social issues, enhancing reputation, and fostering goodwill among stakeholders.

Participating in a fundraising event fosters teamwork and boosts employee engagement. It provides a platform for collaboration outside of the usual work environment, strengthening relationships and morale within the organisation.

Engaging in a fundraising event offers a direct opportunity to uphold anti-slavery initiatives, actively contributing to the fight against modern slavery while aligning with organisational values.

United In purpose

£ 250.00

Contributes towards hiring a Bikeability Instructor for Freewheel Sessions

£ 100.00

Contributes to the Venue Hire for Freewheel Sessions

£ 50.00

Contributes to the Continued Development of the Schools Programme

£ 5.00

Contributes to the production of Educational Materials

Cycle Revolution United in Purpose

Ready to support Ride For Freedom?

By supporting these initiatives, you’re not only empowering individuals and schools but also contributing to the creation of a healthier, more aware community for generations to come. Through the Ride For Freedom Cycle Revolution, you’re empowering survivors of modern-day slavery and assisting in developing the programme for school children, all while nurturing healthier, more aware communities for the future.

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Ride your Bike, Change a Life

Sponsor the Cycle Revolution

Imagine your logo prominently displayed alongside Ride For Freedom’s throughout our exciting fundraising activities for the Cycle Revolution. We invite you to become a sponsor and meet the team to discover how you can showcase your organisation’s anti-slavery commitment and help raise awareness in the fight to end modern slavery.

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