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A world where no child, woman, or man ever exists in modern slavery

Ride For Freedom

Our pursuit

We channel the universal love of cycling to passionately raise awareness, educate, and build meaningful partnerships in the relentless pursuit of ending modern slavery. Through this endeavour we strive to provide a remedy for survivors.

This mission is fueled by a deep sense of urgency and compassion, as approximately 50 million individuals worldwide endure enslavement at any given moment. It is a heart-wrenching reality that demands our collective commitment to eradicate this grave injustice.

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What we do

Humanely Inspiring

Humanely inspiring

Support anti slavery programme, delivering measurable impacts with compelling marketing stories for your business.

Ride For Freedom

Expertly delivered

Modern slavery prevention and mitigation programmes delivered in schools (video) and for survivors (video) by our dedicated teams.

Aviva Ride

Tailored for your business

Strengthen brand engagement and deliver on your anti-modern slavery and ESG objectives. Share tangible, meaningful outcomes with your customers and employees that resonate with your company’s values.

Ready to support Ride For Freedom?

Choose your path to make a difference!


You have various options to fundraise for us. Contact us to find out more.


Explore our diverse range of sponsorship packages.


Make a Difference with Your Donation.


Give your time, skill, or pre-loved wheels.

Choose Ride For Freedom to demonstrate your commitment to your business colleagues and customers by taking a stand against modern slavery and offering support to survivors. Contact us today to be the change.

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Cycle Revolution Fundraising

What will my monetary support give?



Your donation to Ride For Freedom aids in preventing modern slavery through support for awareness campaigns, education initiatives, and community engagement programmes designed to stop trafficking and exploitation before it occurs.



Your contribution plays a vital role in providing support through our Freewheel Programme and offering survivors of modern slavery opportunities for a better future. Ride For Freedom delivers education, awareness, and empowerment programmes for survivors, schools and the community.



By donating to Ride For Freedom, you help provide and catalyse survivors toward a brighter future. Your support enables them to access training, education, and job opportunities, empowering them to lead independent lives and break free from the cycle of slavery.

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How your input delivers impact

Raise awareness, end modern slavery


To date we reached 3006 Primary School pupils through our Schools Programme but WE NEED to educate more children, with your support


To date 74 survivors have registered and 34 have successfully completed our Freewheel Programme but WE NEED your support to keep the wheel turning for this programme

Our impact
Bicycles donated


To date 37 pre-loved bicycles have been donated for the Freewheel Programme


To date Show A Red Card campaign has visited 4 continents to shine a light on the dark reality of human trafficking in football

Ride for Freedom California Tour

What our service users say about us

Get involved

If you or your organization wants to get involved then contact us to find out how. Donating to the Ride For Freedom is not just a charitable act; it’s a powerful investment in creating a world free from the shackles of modern slavery.

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